Vapor Trail




・ログイン innotop -u root -p password ダッシュボードが表示される

・ヘルプの表示 ?


Switch to a different mode:
A Dashboard I InnoDB I/O Info Q Query List
B InnoDB Buffers K InnoDB Lock Waits R InnoDB Row Ops
C Command Summary L Locks S Variables & Status
D InnoDB Deadlocks M Replication Status T InnoDB Txns
F InnoDB FK Err O Open Tables U User Statistics

a Toggle the innotop process n Switch to the next connection
c Choose visible columns p Pause innotop
d Change refresh interval q Quit innotop
e Explain a thread's query r Reverse sort order
f Show a thread's full query s Change the display's sort column
h Toggle the header on and off t Toggle slave processes
i Toggle idle processes x Kill a query
k Kill a query's connection

TAB Switch to the next server group / Quickly filter what you see
! Show license and warranty = Toggle aggregation
# Select/create server groups @ Select/create server connections
$ Edit configuration settings \ Clear quick-filters
Press any key to continue


大文字でモード切替なので、基本的に'Shift + キー'の組み合わせでモードを切り替える

ダッシュボードの表示 Shift + a

・クエリリストの表示 Shift + q


・日本語マニュアル [blogcard url=""]